Saint Peter’s Church Erol Beker Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Louise Nevelson, New York, NY

  • Treatment of Louise Nevelson 1977 white wall sculptures in The Chapel of the Good Shepherd
  •  Archival research concerning Nevelson’s working techniques
  • Environmental monitoring to determine proper course for environmental management.  Working with Engineer Michael Henry.
  • Paint analysis to determine cause of deterioration. Working with chemists Chris McGlincy, MoMA and Dr. Cindie Kehlet, Pratt Institute.
  •  Cleaning and consolidation tests
  •  Grant writing and fundraising.

The Princeton Art Museum, Princeton, NJ

  • Prepared classic Maya ceramic vessels for exhibition, Dancing into Dreams: Maya Vases of the Ik’ Kingdom.
  • Collaborative research project: Coordinated MFA Boston conservators and Princeton University students and professors to identify classic Maya ceramic slip components and application methods.
  • Cleaned and stabilized two life-size baroque wooden, polychrome and gilt statues.

Private Collection, New York and California

  • Examined six Mexican ceramic figures for provenance and manufacturing method.
  • Carried out extensive analysis and surface examination to determine date of manufacture.

Thomas Edison National Historic Park, Orange, NJ

Collection of 10,000 Original Copper and Nickel Plated Copper Phonographic Discs

  • Collaborated with the curator to design new permanent storage.
  • Designed microclimates to preserve newly opened copper masters.
  • Conducted cleaning tests to devise proper cleaning methods for playback of the phonographic discs.

Public Design Commission, City of New York

  • Examined large-scale stone and steel structures for condition in preparation for move.
  • Submitted detailed reports documenting the condition.

Department of Design and Construction, City of New York

  •  Treated 23 William Grueby ceramic tile wall pavements at El Museo del Barrio.

Harmon Fine Arts, New York, NY

  • Reconstructed a large red figure Greek vessel from over 100 broken fragments.
  • Treated collection of over 100 ancient Greek marble figures.
  •  Supervised packing and moving 200 archaeological objects, eight masterpiece impressionist and contemporary paintings.
  • Coordinated conservation of the paintings.
  •  Coordinated mount making and reinstallation of the entire collection.

Museum for African Art, New York, NY

  • Courier for the exhibition: Grass Roots: African Origins of an American Art.
  • Treated ceramic and wood sculptures by contemporary African ceramicist, El Anatsui.
  • Examined and treated a North African jewelry collection.

Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT

  • Prepared a Eastern Han Dynasty Money Tree for exhibition. 
  • Repaired Asian lacquer, wood, stone, ceramic, and metal archaeological objects.
  • Cleaned, stabilized five 2nd-century mosaics from Gerasa, Jordan. 
  • Cleaned American silver collection of over 200 objects.
  • Surveyed the collection of 8,000 objects to prepare for packing, move and storage.
  • Cleaned and repaired 19th and 20th century American ceramics.
  • Dismantled a period room of 3rd century wall paintings from Dura Europos.

Peabody Museum, Yale University, New Haven, CT

  • Prepared North American wooden, stone, bone and skin artifacts for exhibition, worked with collections manager, exhibition designer, and mount makers to plan the installation.